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Rock CDs and DVDs - concerts and bands art

Nowadays one of the most popular and well-bought music styles is Rock. Millions of people around the world buy rare CDs and DVDs with Rock concerts and Mp3 music of the Rock singers. Let us say a few words about the common sense of Rock and its components.

Rock is abstract vivid description of music, as for musicology determination, it will be, probably, following: Rock is the piece of music, which has a “bit” in it, and also 1st and 3d stakes of bits. It is possible to add that as a rule the music instrument of Rock is electric, but it is an optional condition: Rock can be acoustic, and synthesized even cleanly vocal, all determine the already mentioned stakes of bits.

To say simple, Rock is the internal protest of artist against some one, a few or all at once components of human being. Often it could be certain internal conflict or even objecting of the artist against himself, expressed as musical, literary, cinematographic and other creation. Thus Rock ironical to itself and in its separate forms never aspires to perfection, as, however, any art does, because the art can be either astride of perfections or by the limit of baseness, that is, to say truth, almost the same.

Rock lives in the creations of Igor Stravynskyy, and Sex Pistols, both Yeronym Boskh and Leonid Utesov, both James Dyn and Oscar Wild, but the problem is to establish what is not. Imitations of the Rock style are possible, but a listener, spectator or reader, feel them as an unbelievable boredom and, often, irritation, while real Rock causes sense of the heartfelt getting up and desire of creative self-expression.

It is naive it would be to suppose that so difficult and ambiguous style of music can be described in a few words, therefore this description should be much more ramified and includes the descriptions of many other styles, which could be defined as the derivative genres of Rock.

We have a pleasure to introduce you a huge collection of rare rock music, which includes not only rare CD and DVD rock, but the best rock concerts of the most famous rock bands.



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